Susan Ruckdeschel, founder of Literacy Solutions and more, Inc., was the lead Instructional Designer for over 400 courses. Together with a strong team of editors, the LS catalog leaps to over 1200 courses in 2 hour to 60-hour segments. Susan began her career as an educator in 1990s, leading numerous literacy initiatives throughout New York State. As an author, educator, district-level administrator and national educational consultant, Susan has over 20 years of experience in public schools. Her recent publication, Peer Coaching for Adolescent Writers, (Corwin Press, 2010) teaches teachers how to move up student academic achievement in writing by setting purposes and goals, formulating feedback, and communicating effectively through listening, reading, writing and speaking. Students incorporate this research-based process into their writing as it builds independent capacity for academic success. Susan continues to develop e-curriculum, both print and online, while working with teachers to build their capacity as educators.

In addition to consulting, Susan Ruckdeschel has completed a doctoral program in educational leadership with a focus on supervision of curriculum and instruction. In addition, she holds several New York State teaching certifications, to include Reading K-12, English 7-12, Classroom N-6, School District Administrator, and Gifted and Talented Extension. Dr. Ruckdeschel has taught and operated within each of these certification areas throughout her many years of teaching and consulting in public schools.


Dianna Fox
This is a priceless ELL resource that will be enjoyed by the students as well as the teacher! I love providing my students time with this project and allow time for language aquisition.

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