About Literacy Solutions

Started in 2006 by Dr. Susan Ruckdeschel, a professional educator for 20+ years and a highly respected advocate for improving the teaching experience for educators and outcomes for students and the community. The way we sought to make an impact is by helping teachers and the districts who support them more effectively deliver Professional Development. As teachers, we know that earning credits and learning new things after already spending 10+ hours per day teaching, grading, planning, and commuting is a challenge. Literacy Solutions supports teachers to meet that challenge head on with Continuing Professional Development Units (CPDU) that is low-cost, high-value, easy, and convenient. Additionally, we often partner with districts to make this available to all teachers district wide which removes the financial burden from the teachers, works within standard PD budgets, standardizes the quality of staff learning, and provides a dedicated proctoring resource for accountability and support (without the staffing overhead to try and support 1000’s of teachers)



Why Choose Literacy Solutions for Your Professional Development

In public schools, effective online professional development affects students. Student learning and achievement increases when educators engage in effective professional development focused on the skills needed to address students’ major learning challenges.

New teachers, juggle an overwhelming number of unfamiliar issues, such as classroom management, instruction, curriculum, school culture and operations, test preparation and administration, state standards, parent relations, and interactions with other teachers. Left to themselves, they may develop counterproductive behaviors. With extra support, however, new teachers learn more effective practices to apply to daily challenges.

More experienced teachers who have a routine, a long standing curriculum, and are in a rhythm, must still earn continuing professional 

development credits. For this group, cost, speed, and ease are often the criteria in picking CPDU. Literacy Solutions checks these boxes while also offering relevant courses to allow even the most tenured teachers to learn in in a way that will impact their classroom.

At the district level, Literacy Solutions offers budget friendly access to professional development resources which helps to recruit new teachers, retain your current staff, and set your staff on a path to be more effective educators.

Whether you have taught for 1 year or 30, whether you are a district of 500 students or 500,000, the requirements and opportunities to improve outcomes for teachers and students are the same.

What People Say

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