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Created by educators, for educators: online, blended learning professional development for teachers with project and research-based learning experiences that transform teaching and improve student outcomes.  Our solutions include personalized, transferable learning experiences for K-12 classrooms nationwide through the use of interactive tools, aligned digital resources, and evidence-based teacher-friendly content with printable and downloadable curriculum for full classroom implementation. We guarantee it!

Literacy Solutions and more is an approved CTLE provider for New York State, and an approved provider of endorsement courses for the state of Florida. Contact us to find out which other states we are approved in.

Optimum Classroom Fidelity

All courses are grounded in sound research, with evidence-based tools and resources, field-tested for optimum classroom fidelity. Listen to an example below:

Field-Tested Application Tools

Tools that improve teaching, content knowledge, and lead to learning that transfers to classrooms. Listen to an example below:

Long Life Expectancy in Resources

Resources with a life expectancy of at least five years (or more) per course. Click here to schedule a webinar.