Questioning Strategies and Methods


19 items for use in planning with questioning strategies to include: planning organizers, strategy guides, student graphic organizers and content books. From the works of: Buehl, D. (2009); Marzano, R. J. (2015); Marzano, R. J. (2015); Rust, T. (2012); Unrau, N. (2008); Wiggins, G. P. & McTighe, J. (2013, 2005). Materials include:

1. Costa’s Level of Questioning and Sequencing
2. Costa’s Examples
3. Content Book: Essential Questions
4. Content Book: High Level Response Strategies
5. QARs for Math
6. QARs
7. QtA: Questioning the Author
8. QFT: Question Formulation Technique
9. Questioning Approaches
10. Questioning Strategies fro ELLs
11. Questioning Practices
12. Content Book: Questions That Lead
13. Questioner Role for Students
14. Reciprocal Teaching for Science
15. Reciprocal Teaching Rubric
16. Self-Questioning Taxonomy by Buehl
17. Semantic Feature Analysis
18. Seven Steps to Text Dependent Questions
19. Socratic Seminars



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