Peer Coaching for English Language Learners


20 items for use when implementing the student peer coaching method, or peer review as part of the writing process based on the Ruckdeschel (2010/2013) model. Materials include student planning organizers, student templates and organizers, content books, strategy guides, rubrics, checklists, lesson plans, and more. From the works of: Beers, K., Probst, R. E., (2016, 2007); Ruckdeschel, S. (2010); Scarnati, J. T., & Kent, W. (1993); Unrau, N. (2008) among others. Materials include:

1. Listening-Speaking Rubric
2. Listening-Speaking Checklist
3. Listening-Speaking Checklist-2
4. Oral Reading Rubric
5. Content Book: Overview of Student Peer Coaching
6. Peer Coaching Reproducibles
7. Peer Coaching Step 1
8. Peer Coaching As Questioning
9. Peer Coaching for ELLs
10. Peer Coaching for ELL Young Writers
11. Peer Coaching Participation Guide
12. Peer Coaching Poster 1
13. Peer Coaching Poster 2
14. Peer Coaching Posters
15. Peer Coaching Step 2
16. Peer Coaching Step 3
17. Peer Coaching Buddy Lessons
18. Peer Coaching Whole Class Lessons
19. Content Book: The Steps In Detail: Writer/Responder
20. Writers Block Think-Through



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