Peer Coaching Adolescents


24 items for use when implementing the student peer coaching method, or peer review as part of the writing process based on the Ruckdeschel (2010/2013) model. Materials include book chapters, content reads, student organizers, student template, strategy guides, rubrics, checklists, lesson plans, and more. From the works of: Beers, K., Probst, R. E., (2016, 2007); Ruckdeschel, S. (2010); Scarnati, J. T., & Kent, W. (1993); Unrau, N. (2008) among others. Materials include:

1. Chapter 2: Peer Coaching for Adolescent Writers
2. Active Listening Checklist for HS
3. Active Listening Checklist Poster
4. Content Book: Assessments of and for Peer Coaching
5. Listening-Speaking Rubric
6. Listening-Speaking Rubric-2
7. Oral Reading Rubric
8. Overview of Student Peer Coaching
9. Part III Reproducibles
10. Peer Coaching Step 1
11. Peer Coaching As Questioning – HS
12. Peer Coaching Participation Guide
13. Peer Coaching Poster 1
14. Peer Coaching Poster 2
15. Peer Coaching Posters
16. Peer Coaching Presentation
17. Peer Coaching Step 2
18. Peer Coaching Step 3
19. Content Read: Scheduling for Instruction
20. Content Read: Silent Peer Coaching and Peer Coaching as Questioning
21. Buddy Lessons
22. Whole Class Lessons
23. The Steps in Detail: Writer and Responder
24. Writers Block Think-Through



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