26 items for use when seeking to teach students notetaking. Materials include student organizers, teacher strategy guides, and more. From the works of: Gallagher, 2004; Senn, G., McMurtrie, D., & Coleman, B. (2013); Vacca, R. T., Vacca, J. L., & Mraz, M. (2011). among others.  Materials include:

1. Compare-Contrast Matrix
2. Compare-Contrast
3. Compare-Contrast Matrix-2
4. Compare-Contrast Chart
5. Compare-Contrast Key Questions
6. Compare-Contrast Key Questions K-5
7. Compare-Contrast Word Map Organizer
8. Concept Map
9. Concept Map for DI
10. Concept Maps Examples
11. Costa’s Level of Questioning and Sequencing
12. Costa’s Level Questioning Examples
13. Double Column Notetaking
14. Double Entry Journal for Math
15. Frayer Model
16. Frayer Model K-5
17. Frayer Model for ELLs
18. Frayer Notes Template
19. Notice and Wonder About Chart



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