8 items for use with students when implementing and/or incorporating strategies that foster student grit, and/or planning with grit-driven instruction to include: student organizers, planning templates, report card templates, and other grit strategy guides, rubrics, and content books. From the works of: Duckworth, A.L., Kirby, T.A., Gollwitzer, A. & Oettingen, G. (2012); Hoerr, T. R. (2012); Klein, J. D. (2012); Peterson, C. & Seligman, M. (2004); Tough, P. (2012). Materials include:

1. Fostering a Culture of Grit
2. Got Grit?
3. Mini Lesson Template for Grit
4. Report Card Grades 6-9
5. Report Card Grades 9 – adult
6. Report Card Grades K-5
7. Rigor and Grit
8. Grit Training Strategies



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