26 items for use with students when implementing and/or incorporating DI strategies to include: role organizers, DI planning templates, lesson plans, rubrics, strategy guides, and content books. From the works of: Buehl, D. (2009); Carolan, J. (2007); Dodge, J. (2009); Jensen, E. (2013); Jensen, E. (2007). Marzano, R. J. (2015); Servilio, K. L. (2009); Tobin, R., & McInness, A. (2008); Tomlinson, C. A. (2014). Materials include:
1. Accommodating Differences: The Hallmarks of DI
2. Cognitive-Friendly Classrooms That Differentiate
3. DI Planning Organizer
4. DI Literature Circles: examples
5. DI Planning Organizer: Inclusion
6. DI Checklist and Guide
7. DI Planning: Literature Circles and ELLs
8. DI Planning Organizer
9. Double Entry Journal for Math
10. Double Column Notetaking
11. Four Learner Traits
12. Grouping for Differentiation
13. Interest Inventory: Open
14. Interest Inventory: MS/HS
15. Jigsaw Strategies
16. Keyword Connections
17. LEAD Strategy
18. PASS: Patterns to Address Study Skills
19. Prior Knowledge and Learning Style Inventories
20. Reciprocal Teaching: Science
21. Reciprocal Teaching Rubric
22. The Art and Craft of Differentiating Instruction
23. Venn Diagram
24. Venn Diagram for Math
25. Venn Diagram for Science
26. Venn Diagram K-3
27. Vocabulary Word Pair Grid



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