Critical Literacy


12 items for use with students when implementing critical literacy methods, and/or when using strategies to support them. Materials include: strategy guides, content books, student organizers, and lesson plans. From the works of: Beach, R., Campano, G., Edmiston, B., Borgmann, M. (2010); Gainer, J. S. (2010); Mcdaniel, C. (2004); Molden, K. (2007); McLaughlin, M., & DeVoogd, G. (2004); Stone, L. (2006).  Materials include:

1. Alternative Text
2. Bookmark Technique
3. Critical Literacy
4. Critical Literacy ELA Strategies
5. Critical Literacy Teaching Strategies
6. Critical Reading, Writing, Thinking
7. Critical Thinking: Analysis
8. Critical Thinking: Synthesize
9. Jigsaw Strategies, K-5
10. Juxtaposing K-12
11. Object Compare and Contrast
12. Paraphrasing for Comprehension



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