Coaching and Collaboration for Teachers


14 items for action research planning, data analysis, conducting PD needs assessments, PLC and PD planning based on the works of Bambrick-Santoyo, (2010); Chiou-hui, C. (2011); Danielson, C. (2013); Dufour, R., Dufour, R., & Eaker. (2008); Easton, L. B. (2008); Guskey, T. R. (Ed., 2009); Marzano, R. J. (2013); Sweeney, D. (2010). Venables, D. (2011). Materials include:

1. A Common Mission and Vision
2. Anecdotal Notes Record
3. Critical Questions
4. Data Action Next Steps
5. Intake and Needs Assessment
6. Lesson Plan Template: Data Driven
7. Notice and Wonder Chart
8. PD Needs Assessment Template
9. PD Planning: Next Steps
10. PD Planning Template
11. PLC Evaluation Rubric
12. Self-Evaluation Log
13. Skillful Coaching
14. What Did They Learn Protocol



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